Music Directing (Little Mermaid)

A few weeks ago, I got an incredible opportunity to be assistant music director for the elementary school production of “The Little Mermaid”. I’ve been working with the little kids on their production for the past few weeks, and they’re a dream. They’re always on top of their lines, and they are always ready for their cues. When I’m working with them individually on their songs or their scenes, they’re always positive, cracking jokes to keep themselves entertained, having fun with the high school kids like me, and just generally being fantastic people.

I also have the rare opportunity to be a part of the elementary school theatre production as King Triton. To those of you who may not know me, I’m a skinny Indian kid that barely breaks 5’5″. Elementary productions are pretty much the only scenario where someone like me would ever be cast as King Triton. I’m thrilled, I really am. I just never expected it.

Back to the kids though. These kids are on it. I’ve had kids on multiple separate scenarios run up to me telling me that I need to quit screwing around and be ready for my next scene, even when I didn’t go on for another two pages. It’s so refreshing to work with these kids, because they truly care about everything that they’re doing. They’re investing all of the their energy into making this an incredible production. But they’re also managing to have loads of fun while they do it.

I hope I get the opportunity to continue working with elementary kids in the theatre world, because they’re a delight, and I’ve found that I almost like working with them more than I like working people my own age. They’re just amazing.

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